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food is love

For Proud,

I had a housemate for a while, not too long. We just shared a house, we didn’t eat a lot together, but we would have kitchen-conversations.

And stairs & hallway-conversations. Sometimes about the L-thing.

Proud is more or less the same age as my kids, but that was not the only reason I started to love Proud. I feel that as a natural consequence of sharing bits and pieces of a life. AND Proud prefers the noun ‘they’!

In my opinion they missed out a bit on how to take good care of oneself. Might be because my standards are too high, or perhaps they study too much, or, maybe they moved around the world too often. Or any other good or lame excuse.

In my opinion food = love. So I am designing two special recipes for them. Something that one can always create to feed your soul. One with peanut butter and a lot of extra protein options (because I know Proud loves that), and one recipe with a cacao-caffeine boost. For other emergencies 😉 . Don’t buy love in a shop. Make it yourself, at least (partly).

Food is Love

food is love

Just wait for the finished recipies.

What do you eat to demonstrate your selflove?

More tot come . . . . .