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Dark Night ultimate flexible mug cake recipe

Cake in a mug jar

As promised here the first of two recipes for Proud.

Once you understand how all recipes are built up, it gets really easy to make soulfood everywhere. The butter can be replaced, the milk can, the sugar, the flour and so on. This is not only truth for cakes, cookies and pies, also for soup, dishes, salads et cetera. I hope this table will help you to really play with making cakes in a mug jar and other soulfood.

Soulfood for selflove

Ingredients Variations, tips and alternatives
3 tbsp all- purpose flour The better the flour, the better the cake. It can be dark flour (all-grain), white, corn starch, almond-flour or any mixture of these.
1 tbsp cacao powder Use unsweetened cacao powder. Again: the better quality your cacao, the better your chocolate taste.
3 tbsp caster sugar This cake needs some sugar to balance for the pure cacao you’re using. Please try dark sugar, maple sirup, palm sugar, granulated sugar or any combination of these or anything else.Don’t use honey. Honey will lose all its goodness when you heat it.
1 tbsp milk Or water or cocos milk or almond milk.
2 tbsp melted butter Or replace these partly with butter, (cocos)oil, or other partly liquid and fatty substance. You might experiment with yoghurt, full fat milk and so on.
1 egg This is not necessary but I added it for Proud to make it more protein rich.
1 pinch of salt Quite relevant in most recipes, to your own taste.
optional: 1 tsp (teaspoon!) instant coffee powder or espresso powder, preferably not ‘café au lait’ or ‘sweetened’ stuff. You’ll need about half the amount you need for a cup of coffee. Try 1 sachet if it comes like that.
optional: 1 tbsp superfood add 1 spoon oat flakes, seeds, berries, choc nibs, (hemp) protein powder, a squashed banana . .  . go wild! Combine any of these and add 1 tbsp to your batter (not a lot more, otherwise the structure might get out of balance)
optional: tsp (!) ¼ baking powder Unless the flour you use already has this in it.
MICROWAVE time: Depending on the power (Watt) and -condition- of your microwave this may vary a lot!
approximately 1 minute and 10 seconds If it comes out to too smooth (cake not done), add another 10 or 15 seconds. If it comes out a bit dry-ish, give it a few seconds less the next time you make this recipe.Don’t eat it before waiting 1 minute! The heat can be distributed very odd in the jar, you don’t want to burn your mouth!

Prepare cake in a jar

With this recipy you first add all the dry ingredients and then add the egg, butter and milk.

Last note on baking soda

soulchocOne last lessons about baking powder and baking soda. Baking soda is much stronger than baking powder. More important, baking soda needs a bit of acid to work well and nót to leave you with that funny feeling on your teeth. This acid can be anything from yoghurt instead of milk, a squeeze of lemon juice or lime, a teaspoon of vinegar to tamarindpaste.

Smakelijk eten !

I call this fake food, cake in a jar
You can do much better

Do I believe this ‘cake in a jar’ recipe is really healthy. . . ? NOó, but it is a lot better than most junk you buy.

Click here for the peanutbutter version.



soulfood, selflove and more

food is love

For Proud,

I had a housemate for a while, not too long. We just shared a house, we didn’t eat a lot together, but we would have kitchen-conversations.

And stairs & hallway-conversations. Sometimes about the L-thing.

Proud is more or less the same age as my kids, but that was not the only reason I started to love Proud. I feel that as a natural consequence of sharing bits and pieces of a life. AND Proud prefers the noun ‘they’!

In my opinion they missed out a bit on how to take good care of oneself. Might be because my standards are too high, or perhaps they study too much, or, maybe they moved around the world too often. Or any other good or lame excuse.

In my opinion food = love. So I am designing two special recipes for them. Something that one can always create to feed your soul. One with peanut butter and a lot of extra protein options (because I know Proud loves that), and one recipe with a cacao-caffeine boost. For other emergencies 😉 . Don’t buy love in a shop. Make it yourself, at least (partly).

Food is Love

food is love

Just wait for the finished recipies.

What do you eat to demonstrate your selflove?

More tot come . . . . .